• Drone Photography Melbourne & Video Services

    Hire a drone pilot to capture a new perspective to elevate your business and personal goals. We are available for drone photography in Melbourne and videography services.

    Drone Photography Melbourne
  • Hire Drone Operator Near Me

    Our drone operator are trained with CASA certification. License to operate for commercial UAV services with public liability insurance.

    Aerial Photography Victoria
  • Drone For Video Marketing

    Are you looking for ways to market your product and business? A drone can take your business to new heights with unique angles.

Commercial Real Estate Development Drone


Ready to show your true colours?
Be different and stand out with a drone. Levitate your business to new heights.

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Drone Photography Melbourne

As a growing drone pilot based in Melbourne, our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality work at an affordable rate. With a small dedicated team of aerial photographer, ground videographer and editor – you can assure premium product from us at Drone Photography & Video Melbourne.

We are looking to team up with new development company specialising in new land development, further estate expansion in the outer Melbourne region. We want to be your go-to pilot to help market your prospect to investors here and internationally.

Drone Services


Rural Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photos & Videos

We are always up for drive anywhere in Victoria to capture unique properties, assist with your marketing needs. We love to team up with commercial development company who specialise in new estates. Find out how we can help you get investors onboard.

3D drone mapping

3D Model/Elevation/Plant Health Services

We can map your property to generate a 3D model, high-resolution 2D image, check elevation and plant health all with our DroneDeploy software. Ask us how we can assist you today.

Video Marketing with Drone

Video Marketing with Drone

Is your product hard to capture up high and using a helicopter is not within the budget? Our drone operator can assist you where hard to reach places was once an expensive exercise.

Do we love filming indoors? Yes, what better way to promote your premises or warehouse than using us to do your job. Indoor drone filmingwhere a standard camera just doesn’t do it.